The firm started in 1990, after the foundation by Mariano Aguayo Fernandez de Cordova.

In the beginning, the firm specializes in a very specific sector of Spanish industry, energy and particularly service stations and within the complicated relations with the oil operator companies. Since then we have deepened and innovated in the model service company, offering an important role in R & D in each of the cases in which we have participated.

Those processes were the key to the liberalized sector. We work from a position of service to employers, to provide solutions that have viable companies that were at risk.

We participated in numerous mergers and acquisitions including the acquisition of consultancy entire networks of service stations.
The professional core of the firm is expanding and in the first decade of this century, a number of important additions to capital to understand what constitutes our Firm today.


After opening in the 90’s headquarters in Madrid, is named director of the same Mary Spottorno de Zuloaga. Maria was responsible for the coordination and direction in the famous defense of minority shareholders of Endesa, against Gas Natural‘s bid.

In 2007 he joined the project office Jose Ángel Castillo Cano-Cortés, Judge of Administrative and renowned jurist of great prestige. Involved in important processes of rearranging spaces with management, reordering of accesses, expropriation of assets, high value, disciplinary processes important economic draft throughout Spain, etc.

His knowledge acquired as judge on the Costa del Sol for over ten years, they enable to bring extraordinarily defenses in matters of economic crimes.

In 2009, the office gives a step further invited to participate in the project until then chief state attorney Cordoba, Carlos Rodriguez Vallecillo, thanks to his talent had been designated as one of the youngest lawyers to reach in the history of Spain, a provincial headquarters. In times of severe economic crisis, and recognized the young lawyer brings his knowledge in many processes of support and advice to companies going through difficult situations.


The year 2011 begins with great activity for the firm on matters of important social significance, such as defense against air traffic controllers alarm status before the Supreme Court, many thousands of public employees of the Government of Andalusia and participating in the reorganization of companies in financial difficulties.

A law firm is composed of people, and so these professionals with high public prestige, there are others worth as much earlier, perhaps less known but with which the firm walks it is today.

We strive for excellence at all levels and in that sense the agreement with the Commercial Department of the UCO settled in what we call Scholarship for Excellence Mercantil which offer the possibility to have direct access to our Firm to all students they have obtained an honors degree in Business Law. By this way they have incorporated the latest young professionals to our project.

TODAY: 2011 so far

We face 2020 with the same simple base that has supported our work: dedication, study, research and common sense to resolve conflicts.

We are in a process of deepening our traditional sectors and to provide services in cases where the firm understands that there may be a contribution of transcendent value.